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Please visit the page for your grade level team and post additional documentation prompts with corresponding units/lessons.


  • Explicit:
    • to glean insight from student responses, as they document their understanding of weekly content in math
    • to foster development of student capacity to articulate and share understanding
    • to encourage students to consider ways math content is relevant to and connects with the world beyond the classroom
    • to create artifacts of student learning process
  • Tacit:
    • to support student development of skills necessary for effective and succinct communication
    • to challenge students to consider multiple and different strategies for solving problems in math
    • to develop student dispositions for offering, accepting, sorting and applying critical feedback from peers


Development of lifelong learning skills:
    • effectively communicate personal understanding
    • potential to connect with local, national, global peers
    • making learning process and product visible
    • adding value to learning of others
    • self-direction
    • autonomy